Subroutine Create_state

source: (poseidon.create.f90) [ c_92_rp1 release ]



Allocate arrays within an ocean state object. This includes allocation of the embedded external mode object, if present.

The created property is set to true, to indicate that the pointers have been assigned, but the initialized is set to false, since data within the arrays is set to NaN.

If the optional argument ocean is present, then it is identified as the "owner" of the state.


TYPE (T_POSEIDON_GRID) :: g Grid object
TYPE (T_STATE) :: state State to be allocated
INTEGER :: ntrace # of tracers
LOGICAL :: extmode is there and external mode
TYPE (T_OCEAN) :: ocean The containing ocean

call Create_state(g, state, ntrace, extmode, [ocean])

INTENT(IN) :: g,ntrace,extmode,ocean


Subroutines Called:

assert, Create_external_mode

Poseidon Ocean Model (Release: c_92_rp1 )
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