TYPE T_External_Mode



The external mode object is associated with a T_State.

The variable P is the Mass within the water column minus the depth of the ocean (If the ocean were homogeneous and the surface pressure were flat, P would be constant.) Hr, Hur and Hvr are kept for convenience.

We now allow the external mode to be computed on a C-grid even if the internal mode is on the B-grid. The Layout variable is similar to that in T_Poseidon_grid and may take on the same values. If it is 0 then it defaults to the same layout as the grid (You can now see that the layout is not really a property of the grid, but rather of the ocean object itself, and we should move it).

TYPE T_External_Mode

LOGICAL :: created Has this object been allocated?
LOGICAL :: initialized Has this object been initialized?
INTEGER :: Layout External mode grid layout may differ from g%Layout
TYPE T_POSEIDON_GRID,POINTER :: g Poseidon grid object
REAL,POINTER :: p(:,:) Mass - Depth (dyn m)
REAL,POINTER :: u(:,:) x- velocity (m/s)
REAL,POINTER :: v(:,:) y- velocity (m/s)
REAL,POINTER :: usb(:,:) Mass fluxes on C-grid
REAL,POINTER :: vsb(:,:) Mass fluxes on C-grid
REAL,POINTER :: uave(:,:) time averaged velocity
REAL,POINTER :: vave(:,:) time averaged velocity
REAL,POINTER :: ave_alpha(:,:) Vertical average value of specific volume anomaly
TYPE T_STATE,POINTER :: state State object with which this external mode is associated
End Type T_External_Mode

Poseidon Ocean Model (Release: c_92_rp1 )
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