TYPE T_Ocean



The ocean object. A container for all the other stuff.

The grid element is a pointer to a T_Poseidon_Grid object so that many oceans can share a single grid.

The state object holds 2 time levels. State(inow) is the "current" state, State(ipast) is the "past" state. inext identifies the state to which we will go, and is the same as ipast for leap-frog time stepping.

TYPE T_Ocean

LOGICAL :: created
LOGICAL :: initialized
INTEGER :: inow time index for "NOW"
INTEGER :: ipast time index for "PAST"
INTEGER :: inext time index for "NEXT"
TYPE T_POSEIDON_GRID,POINTER :: g grid related stuff
TYPE T_ALARMSET :: alarm The set of alarms
TYPE T_BUDGETS :: bud Budget object
TYPE T_CLOCK,POINTER :: clock The ocean runs off the application clock
TYPE T_OPARAMS :: param Model parameters
TYPE T_FILTER :: filter(2) Filter dataobject for 2 time levels
TYPE T_STATE :: state(2) contains h,u,v,t,s,x at two time levels
TYPE T_TENDENCY :: tend contains h,u,v,t,s,x
TYPE T_MIXED_LAYER :: ml Mixed layer object
TYPE T_DIAGNOSTICS :: diag Diagnostics object
TYPE T_PHYSINFO :: PhysInfo Physics Info
TYPE T_BIOINFO :: BioInfo BioChem Info
REAL,POINTER :: binit(:) initial values of b
CHARACTER(LEN=80) :: id(:) A descriptive name for ouput
End Type T_Ocean

Poseidon Ocean Model (Release: c_92_rp1 )
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