TYPE T_Poseidon_Forcing



The forcing object holds the required forcing quantities for the ocean model. The supervisor is responsible for loading the fields taux,tauy,woc,qoc,Fsalt,Ftracer,Qrad_net,U3,Qbuoy,Qsfc

The other fields are a hold-over from earlier coupling to the Aries AGCM, and so they are not really needed.

TYPE T_Poseidon_Forcing

LOGICAL :: created
LOGICAL :: initialized
REAL,POINTER :: taux(:,:) zonal stress (N/m**2)
REAL,POINTER :: tauy(:,:) meridional stress (N/m**2)
REAL,POINTER :: woc(:,:) Surface mass flux (+ve upwards)
REAL,POINTER :: qoc(:,:) Surface heat flux (+ve upwards)
REAL,POINTER :: Fsalt(:,:) Surface Salt flux (+ve upwards)
REAL,POINTER :: Ftracer(:,:,:) Tracer Flux (+ve upwards)
REAL,POINTER :: SIC(:,:) Sea ice concentration
REAL,POINTER :: Qrad_net(:,:) Net rad. flux( includes ice effects)
REAL,POINTER :: U3(:,:) Friction velocity**3
REAL,POINTER :: P0(:,:) Surface pressure
REAL,POINTER :: Qbuoy(:,:) Average Surface buoyancy flux
REAL,POINTER :: Qsfc(:,:)
REAL,POINTER :: Wev(:,:) evaporation flux (kg /m^2 s)
REAL,POINTER :: Wrp(:,:) rainfall (kg /m^2 s)
REAL,POINTER :: Wsp(:,:) snowfall (kg /m^2 s)
REAL,POINTER :: Trp(:,:) rainfall temperature
REAL,POINTER :: Qao(:,:) Upward surface heat flux
REAL,POINTER :: dqao(:,:) partial Q wrt surf temp
REAL,POINTER :: qao_tref(:,:) ref temp at which Q determined
REAL,POINTER :: Qrad(:,:) Solar radiation (+ve upwards)
REAL,POINTER :: Ufric(:,:) friction velocity
End Type T_Poseidon_Forcing

Poseidon Ocean Model (Release: c_92_rp1 )
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