TYPE T_State



The T_State type contains ocean state information for a single time level. The values of H,U,V,T,and Tr are true state variables, the values Hu,Hv,B are actually derived from the state, but are kept here for convenience.

The global_mean_mass is a global integral of the mass in the system. Numerical round-off in the mass tendency may lead to the accumulation of mass, so we keep track of what it should be here. When an open upper boundary condition or mass injection is created through surface forcing, the global amount added each day is accumulated in H_extra.

TYPE T_State

LOGICAL :: created Has this object been allocated?
LOGICAL :: initialized Has this object been initialized?
REAL,POINTER :: h(:,:,:) Mass in Layer (m/s)
REAL,POINTER :: u(:,:,:) x- velocity component (m/s)
REAL,POINTER :: v(:,:,:) y- velocity component (m/s)
REAL,POINTER :: t(:,:,:) potential temperature (C)
REAL,POINTER :: t_deep(:,:) abyssal temp (reduced gravity only) (C)
REAL,POINTER :: s(:,:,:) Salinity (PSU)
REAL,POINTER :: s_deep(:,:) abyssal salinity (reduced gravity only)
REAL,POINTER :: tr(:,:,:,:) Tracers (mass per unit mass of seawater)
REAL,POINTER :: tr_deep(:,:,:) abyssal tracers
TYPE T_EXTERNAL_MODE :: external External mode for this state
REAL :: sbias Salinity bias, typically 0 or 35.
REAL,POINTER :: hu(:,:,:) Mass at U point
REAL,POINTER :: hv(:,:,:) Mass at V point
REAL,POINTER :: h_e(:,:,:) Mass along east grid box face
REAL,POINTER :: h_n(:,:,:) Mass along north grid box face
LOGICAL :: hv_allocated
LOGICAL :: he_allocated
LOGICAL :: hn_allocated Hu and Hv will always be co-located with u and v, but H_e and H_n will always be at C-grid locations On the C-grid H_e => Hu and H_n => Hv while on the B-grid Hv => Hu
REAL,POINTER :: b(:,:,:) g * specific volume anomaly
REAL :: global_Mean_Mass sum(H) over the globe
REAL,POINTER :: h_extra(:,:) water mass added through surface forcing (m) (a daily temporary)
TYPE T_OCEAN,POINTER :: ocean The "owning" ocean, if any States may not be part of an ocean, so check Allocated(state%ocean) before using them. (see *T_Poseidon_History* for an example of a state without an ocean )
End Type T_State

Poseidon Ocean Model (Release: c_92_rp1 )
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