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This module provides the Optional Array type and the functions to create and destroy them

With Fortran-95 we initialize all optional array pointers to NULL(), so the %allocated property is no longer necessary.

CREATE_OPTIONAL_ARRAY is overloaded with the 1,2 and 3-d versions.

CREATE_OPTIONAL_ARRAY allocates an array of the requested size, initializes that array to IEEE NaN, and sets the allocated property to true. If the wanted argument is passed the wanted property of the object will be set to reflect this.

Although CREATE_OPTIONAL_ARRAY is overloaded, we make the individual components public as well, because it is probably more obvious what we are doing if we use an explicitly numbered interface:

call CREATE_OPTIONAL_ARRAY3( im,jm,km, g, A ) call CREATE_OPTIONAL_ARRAY2( im,jm, g, A )

seems clearer than

call CREATE_OPTIONAL_ARRAY( im,jm,km, g, A ) call CREATE_OPTIONAL_ARRAY( im,jm, g, A )

but this is a matter of taste.

DESTROY_OPTIONAL_ARRAY is probably more useful as overloaded.

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