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The basic ocean model.

This module provides the basic run procedures for an ocean, and incorporates the POSEIDON_TYPES_MODULE, POSEIDON_FUNCTIONS_MODULE, *EQ_STATE_MODULE*, and SHAPIRO_MODULE. (the POSEIDON_TYPES_MODULE also passes through many lower level modules)

The POSEIDON_RESTART_MODULE is needed to initialize a run and to save a restart, the POSEIDON_GRID_MODULE is needed to create the grid that the ocean will run on, and the POSEIDON_HISTORY_MODULE is needed to save and write out history information.

Most of the work is done through the HYDRODYNAMICS module and the REMAP_MODULE. We use the ALE technique, so the HYDRODYNAMICS module treats the equations as though a material surface were used for the vertical coordinate. All cross-coordinate fluxes are done in the REMAP_MODULE

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Poseidon Ocean Model (Release: c_92_rp1 )
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